What is “Dame Tu Cosita” of Alien?

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Dame Tu Cosita – A Viral Alien Dance Challenge

Now a days, anything can go viral on the internet, be careful, you can have millions of followers overnight anytime. Yes overnight !!

In recent years, through various social networks, various challenges have been viral. Like ‘Ice Bucket Challenge‘ and ‘The Floor Lava‘, however, in the recent weeks, a new challenge has caught Netizens‘ attention.

Dame to Cossita – A viral dance challenge that dominates the social media platform. This is Alien Dance Challenge which is specially becoming viral on the music app. And still it has reached Instagram and YouTube.

In this challenge, participants must use the musical.ly app in order to copy the steps of a green frog.

To do this, netizens are dressed in green and reproducing exactly the steps taken by an alien nicknamed “alien popoy”. This time the song called “Dame Tu Cosita” by the Panamanian artist El Chombo.

It should be noted that in 2015, the same song published on YouTube appears to be the first version of the dancer. Three years later, with a little better graphics, he’s back.

The track you listen to during the Alien Dance Challenge is called Prendission B (El Cossita Remix) and was seen twenty years ago on El Chumbo’s Quentos de la Critta 2 album. Perhaps the name of the Panamanian American is not known to you, but he was also responsible for the Mumbai Chekranar Makaron.

Now after music, it is spreading YouTube, Facebook and almost everywhere.