We Tested the Most Powerful, Affordable Blenders

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Churning out a perfect smoothie no longer requires $500 blenders. We tested high-revving, wallet-friendly models to find the best. Curious what qualities separate the sub-par from the superstars?

We set out to find a powerful machine that doesn’t take up too much counter space; combines easy cleanup and efficiency; boasts enough strength to liquify berries, greens, and ice into a velvety (not pulpy) consistency; and won’t charge you more than a few hundred bucks.

After all, a blender should be accommodating to your everyday needs. No one wants to spend the extra time and effort to take apart components for a deep clean after every use. And no one wants to have the equivalent of a chainsaw-level roar ripping through their home in the morning (especially if you don’t live alone).

Of course there are different priorities for consumers to consider as well. Do you live in an apartment? Are you blending for a family instead of yourself? Does your blender need more than 1,100 watts to blast through frozen fruit and ginger root?

We tested blenders against the above criteria, then rated them, curating a list of four affordable blenders for you to consider. Whatever your circumstances are, these blenders are more than capable of meeting your needs.