We Tested the Best New Running Shoes to Handle Any Terrain

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Getting tired of your usual running route through the neighborhood? Maybe it’s time to mix things up—and get off the pavement. That’s where a good pair of versatile trail shoes comes in handy. While many trail-oriented running shoes feature beefy treads that are designed solely for dirt, there are also plenty of kicks that work well on trails and roads alike. If you regularly switch between the two, the shoes below are definitely worth a look.

We logged miles in the latest models from trusted running brands like Salomon, New Balance, Hoka, and more, and picked out the best pairs for running on mixed terrain. Note that all of these are trail shoes, so if you’re only running on the sidewalk or the street, it’s probably best to stick with road shoes. On the other hand, if you’re looking to put up serious mileage on muddy or technical trails, you’ll likely prefer a trail shoe with a more rugged outsole than the ones shown here.

These shoes are great generalists, and they’ll perform well on a wide range of surfaces. Whether you prefer something soft and forgiving or lean and fast, these are the best, most versatile all-terrain running shoes to try out on your next run.