Watch of the Week: The Seiko Prospex LX Line Diver’s Watch Is a New Take on a Timeless Classic

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Versatile, stylish, and tough, dive watches are some of our favorite timepieces to own. That’s why the Seiko Prospex LX Line Diver’s caught our eye—it’s an award-winning automatic dive watch that marries classic looks with unbeatable craftsmanship. We’re not the only ones who think so, either. The watch took home the Diver’s Watch Prize at the prestigious 2019 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève earlier this month, beating out six other dive watches. It’s a great timepiece to add to your collection, and the kind you can feel good about wearing for nearly any occasion.


Now, some background on the brand: Seiko has over half a century of experience manufacturing dive watches. The company unveiled its first diver’s watch in 1965, and according to a press release, the LX is a nod to the Seiko Professional Diver’s watch, released in 1968. With its bold black bezel and three different-sized hands, the new watch incorporates key aesthetic features of that landmark timepiece.

It also includes some pretty serious tech, most notably Seiko’s 5R Spring Drive caliber. This movement offers more precise timekeeping (it’s tested to deviate just a second per day) while also resisting shocks and temperature changes no matter where you’re heading.

The LX is also water resistant to 300 meters so you don’t have to worry about damaging it. It even comes with a date display and power reserve display, and features a Lumibrite coating on the hands and indices so it’s easier to read when you’re in a place with less light. Combine all that with a low center of gravity for comfortable wear, and you’ve got an ideal candidate for an everyday watch.

seiko Prospex LX Line Diver’s
Courtesy of Seiko

The best part about dive watches: They go with pretty much anything you throw on in the morning—whether you’re donning your new leather jacket or dressing up for a special occasion—and the LX is no exception.

The 44.8mm titanium case, sleek black dial, and large numerals on the bezel make a strong statement with a suit, and overall the watch is a stylish companion at the office. But ultimately it’s a sport watch, so while you can also wear it to class up a casual outfit, it’s not out of place at the pool or the beach, either. You’ll want to keep this one on your dresser; we have a feeling it’ll be in heavy rotation.

Not shopping for yourself? With the holidays coming up, the LX makes an excellent gift. It’ll merge seamlessly into any guy’s style—and elevate it, too.

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