Vitamin D need for pregnant women otherwise child will suffer obesity

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Pregnant women need Vitamin D – otherwise child will suffer obesity.

Women who suffer from deficiency of vitamin D during pregnancy, are more likely to develop obesity if they are congenital and adult in their children. In one research, it has been found that a mother with a very low level of Vitamin D is more likely to have a child’s thickness or a child’s fat at the age of 6 years. In these early children, there is an increase of 2% more fat than the mother of the mother taking enough vitamin D in the initial period.


Vitamin-D is more beneficial than supplement

Assistant professor of Southern California University in the US – Via Lida Chattzi , said, “These increases do not appear very much, but we are not talking about adults, whose body is 30 percent fat.” Vitamin D deficiency is also known as ‘Sunshine Vitamin’. It is associated with the risk of heart disease, cancer, multiple sclerosis and type 1 diabetes. Chattzi said that about 95 percent of the vitamin D produced in your body comes from sunlight. The remaining five percent of eggs, fat fish, fish liver oil, milk, cheese, curd and grains are available from food items.


Childhood Obesity’s Health Problems

According to a study published in the journal Pediatric Abbey, the team examined the pair of 532 mothers and children in which the vitamin was measured in the mother before the baby was born. Results show that about 66% of pregnant women had vitamin C in insufficient in the first quarter. Chattzi said, “In pregnancy, the level of optimal vitamin D can save childhood obesity, but more research is needed to ensure our research. Keeping vitamin D supplements in the early days of pregnancy is a good way to keep the future generations healthy.

Do not eat meat in pregnancy, stay away from lust and bad accompaniment.



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