Upcoming in WhatsApp, 4 people will be able to make a group video call

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The world’s largest chat app is launching WhatsApp, a new feature

Upcoming In WhatsApp, 4 people will be able to group video call same time.

In 2014, Facebook purchased WhatsApp for an estimated Rs 1.20 lakh crore.

The world’s most popular chat app now has a new feature in WhatsApp. By using this feature, you can connect three other people during a video call. According to the WABetaInfo report, this feature has been updated for Android beta users. For this, the user version must be 2.18.39 or above.

Video conferencing among 4 people:

The screen of the video call will appear in WhatsApp look like below at the time of group calling.

– It is said that this feature will allow video conferencing between four people simultaneously.
– It has been claimed that the sound quality of this video call will be good. Not only this, this feature will soon be live for all Android users.


Know how to work:

-According to WABetaInfo, there will be an option to add another user to the screen when connecting to WhatsApp from a video call.
– This option will appear in Top Right Corner. However, no clarification has been made about how the user can access the video calling feature.

Really whatsapp is being easy now days, even that this features will really help to the business, relative and friends group video call to each other.


  • Whatsapp have approximate 150 million users currently registered.
  • At present, Mark Zuckerberg announces that there are over 150 million active users on WhatsApp.
  • Out of which 20 crore users are in India only.

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