This Bulb has been continuously on from 117 years, it was started on in 1901

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The bulb has been continuously going on for 117 years, was started in 1901 ON.


There have been many changes since the invention of the bulb. People used CAPL now LED Lights are being used. But all this started with an ordinary bulb. If this bulb was not invented, then perhaps we could use the CFL and LED lamps today. But the bulb we are telling you today is continuing from 1901 to 117 years.


In Livermore, California, there is a bulb in Livermore, a fire station and has been continuing since 1901. This bulb has not yet fused. This bulb runs 4 watts of lightning and continues for 24 hours a day. According to the employees here, this bulb was closed for the first and the last, in 1937, because the line here got worse. But after connecting the wires it was turned again. You will be surprised to know that this bulb’s 100th anniversary was observed in 2001. This party was a bayayada music and party.


Now people come here from far away to see this bulb. The number of people coming here has increased significantly since the last 30 decades. The people coming here see that this bulb has become a museum. The bulb was stopped in 2013 when the light bulb was broadcast directly. Then people felt that the bulb fuse, but later found out that the bulb is fairly safe. In fact, the line reaching the bulb got worse after 76 years. If it was turned on again after the repair of the line, he would start throwing light again.



This bulb has been included in the Guinness Book of World Records. In 2010, this bulb was also included in a French-Spanish documentary. It was informed in this document that after creating the bulb, the company felt that if all the bulbs last for a long time, people would not have to change the bulb and the sale would stop.

After this, the bulbs have reduced the life expectancy. By the 1920’s, an electric bulb was running 2500 hours an average. Today, a bulb does not last more than 1000 hours. According to the documentary, in 1924 there was a confidential meeting between the bulb companies. It was decided to reduce the bulbs in the meeting.