These Convertible Backpacks, Duffel Bags, and Carry-ons Are Adventure-Travel Godsends

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Versatile carry-ons are key to any adventure. Whether you’re hiking into the backcountry, exploring a remote Australian island, or pursuing a polar-camping destination, a sensible carry-all is essential. You need a duffel bag, backpack, or rolling pack that’s durable enough to take a beating in the airport and the wilderness. But you also want something with subtle styling that doesn’t look out of place at the office either.

We hear you. If you’re on the road for business or adventure, invest in one of these four clever carry-ons. These bags change size, shape, and carry style in a snap. They’re especially handy if you’re embarking on a long globe-trotting vacation, where you need enough space in your carry-on to accommodate clothes, gear, and souvenirs.

They’re not only perfect travel bags, they’re also ideal for weekends spent backpacking, business day trips, and even gym sessions. They’re really that utilitarian. From Piorama’s Adjustable Bag A10, which compacts to the size of a drawstring pack, to Granite Gear’s Cross-Trek 2 backpack-roller bag hybrid, these bags all comprise the compact, sturdy framework of a great adventure carry-on.