The world’s Top chili peppers give painkiller headaches to humans !

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Doctors issued a chilli warning on Tuesday, after which an American man ate the world’s largest pepper, which was upset with the “thrinkcapped” headache.

In an article published in the Medical Journal, the BMJ Case Report states that the symptoms of the 34-year-old man began with dried peels “immediately after participating in a hot chilli contest, where he ate a Carolina Roller“.

This man developed intense neck and headache, and experienced brief but intense “cold-blooded” headache for several days. Every last several seconds After the demand for emergency care, testing negatives returned for various neurological conditions.

In the end, doctors researched the condition of the temporary brain, which is called “reversible cerebral vasoconstruction syndrome” (RCVS), which is temporarily compressed from the blood vessels to the brain.

After eating a pepper pepper, the first case to be diagnosed with RCVS was the case, the author said.

Often with “thuranglap” headache, in this situation, some prescriptions usually occur after taking medicines or taking illegal drugs.

Henry Ford Hospital doctor at Detroit, Kultuhungan Gunshekaran said, “It was a big surprise for everyone,” one of the authors of the article warned of the dangers of playing with chillies.

The man’s symptoms cleaned himself and after five weeks after the incident, a follow-up CT scan showed that his arteries returned to normal width.US NEWS,

Black pepper from the study session has already been linked to a heart attack, the study author said.
Gunasekran warned, “We will take care of the general public when chili eats chili and you seek medical attention directly, if you develop such symptoms,Gunasekharan warned.
According to the World Records website, the Carolina Ripper has a fruit, sweet taste and very hot with signs of cinnamon and chocolate organs.

Last year, he named Carolina Reaper – a cross between sweet Habhenero and Naga wiper chilli – hot black pepper on earth. It is grown by a manufacturer of South Carolina

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