The Toughest Performance Jackets to Take Hiking, Running, and Mountaineering

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Rain, sleet, and snow are inconvenient on your commute. But when you’re out in the backcountry, they can be downright dangerous to your endeavors. Hiking, trail running, and mountaineering all leave you exposed to the elements. The only thing separating you from feeling soggy or potentially hypothermic is a reliable jacket. Luckily, there are a bevy of technical performance jackets perfectly attuned to extreme sports and unpredictable weather available right now.

We pulled together some of the best performance jackets to take you through fall and winter 2019-20. They’ll keep you mobile, dry, and comfortable whether you’re churning through muddy trails on an unseasonably warm but drizzly day; working toward smashing your own personal speed ascent on a frigid mountain face; or hiking all day in the countryside before setting up camp come nightfall.

From a sporty standard by Marmot to an innovative new offering from The North Face, these seven performance jackets cater to every type of adventure athlete across a multitude of seasons and weather conditions. Bring on the extreme sports, because these jackets are ready to play.