The South Actress’s topless on Road – about casting couch

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The cases of casting couch have been revealed many times in Bollywood. Now in the South Film Industry, the casting couch has been covered. Shree Reddy has made a sensational charge of casting couch in the South Industry, a stringing actress. In protest, he performed with a topless. Performed by the topless on the road outside the Hyderabad Film Chamber Office.

Shree Reddy has accused the film chamber of silence on casting couch issue. According to the reports, the actress took such a step as per the charge of not taking any action on casting couch issue. The actress has also threatened to expose many of the big names of the exploiting industry. Actress has demanded that 75% of the original Telugu struggling actors should be given the opportunity in the Film Industry and also subscribe to the Telugu Film Chamber.

The police’s anti-police actress was removed from the police. In this case Banjara Hills ACP KS Rao said that Reddy has not lodged any complaint anywhere. This is not a way to perform They have been removed from the spot. After watching the CCTV footage, action will be taken on the Telugu actress. Right now, a well-known director, actor and politician had filed a police complaint against the allegations of this actress. Let me tell you, recently, Reddy had accused of casting couch on many film directors and actors in his Facebook post.

In Social media,
Shree Reddy had charged social media on the casting couch on several directors and actors of the South Film Industry. On the social media Shree Reddy had written: Reel Life can be all heroes. Some people can be dissolved in real life. There can be villain heroes in real life. Some directors send messages to the society through their films, but their second form in real life is terrible.

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