The only temple in the world where the AARTI(PRAY) is done only after the bloom of the peacock

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The only temple in the world where the AARTI(PRAY) is done only after the bloom of the peacock.

There is a temple of Surendranagar in the name of Panchayat Bhumka on Panchkari Bhumka. There is a temple in front of this main village. Look is like a normal temple. It is not possible to see anything in the awakening of the first person, but if you want to see this awkwardness, then this morning in this temple -Sanjay Aarti has to attend.

The temple is mainly the heart of the Parmar Kshatriya Samaj – Mandavarayaji, which is believed to be an incarnation of the sun god. It is a clan of gods. Similarly, the people of Soni and Jain also believe in him.

Before talking about the mystery of this temple, let’s take a look at the brightness of the history –

There was a small princely state in the old times. His gaddi ruled the Parmar kings. At that time, the seventh generation became the king of Chaitanya Parmar. On this occasion, the king of Halvad went to Kesarji, King of Dhol and Chatouji Dwarka. All three made a vow according to their wishes. Chanchaji Parmar vowed that I should give it to anyone who wants me.

Chara went to the court of Chaitanya and demanded the donation of a living bearer to Chachoji! All the diarrhea explained to Charan not to do this, but the bard took a hint and sat down.

Hey Chanchaji Parmar! If any powerful king gives donations to the land, then any person can even take his head away. But I have to eat only. I would rather give you a chance.

Charmeji promised to meet the demand of charan. Then he prayed for the Mandavaryadada temple to be kept in Mandvarayaji temple. And it is said that Lord Mandvarayaji came to his senses when the entire day went to Panchal in the hills of Panchal. Chhangji took him and brought him to Charan. But where is the bard ? How can you accept charity donations if you have forgotten about it? It was not easy to catch him in his hand! Charan Dara fled from there and hugged the fortunes of running away.

Today, this Mandavarayaji temple stands today in the middle of the aisle.

This temple of Rattan Saints in Panchal is done in the morning and evening Lord Mandavaryayi. And when does it happen? When a peacock is manifested in the world, it comes in a place at the top of the temple, and when two tears of eighty ears.


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