The New Onewheel Pint Is Ready for Any Commute

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What’s a Onewheel? Chances are you’ve already seen someone cruising down the road on one on your morning commutes. This year, the brand launched its newest model called the Pint, a $950, 23-pound version that you can ride up to about 16 mph as long as you have enough space and don’t encounter any traffic along the way.

“Onewheel is this magical way of moving through the world that kind of feels like a cross between flying and riding a snowboard on powder,” Onewheel’s inventor Kyle Doerksen tells us in the video above, just before we hopped on the Pint. “When you step on a Onewheel for the first time, the key is just to relax and look where you’re going.”

It’s good advice if you’re thinking about riding the Pint: Don’t focus too much on your feet or the Pint itself, and instead pay attention to the direction you want to go. Just like Onewheels we’ve tested in the past, this iteration is easier to control your turns than you might expect: Leaning slightly to one side or the other will help you move left or right. And if you want to do a U-turn in tight spaces, slowly lean as far to one side as you can before increasing your speed.

The brand designed the Pint, which you can power for about six to eight miles when it’s fully charged up, so that when you’re ready to stop, you no longer have to lift up your front heel to make the back of the board hit the ground. (We’re used to the XR, so it took us a while to break the habit of lifting our front heel.) With the Pint, it’s all about shifting your weight to your back foot to stop.

One nitpick: If you’re more familiar with the Onewheel XR, a heavier and faster model, the Pint might feel a little too lightweight your first couple test rides.

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