The Most Versatile Red Wines to Serve at Holiday Dinners and Parties

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Red wines have the comforting ability to warm us up, which makes them just right for winter. Plus, they have a knack for elevating an already special meal, enhancing the flavors at every stage—from the hearty manchego and aged cheddar on your charcuterie board to those decadent pies and cheesecakes for dessert. Of course, reds easily go with the main holiday meal staples, too, like beef tenderloin and ham.

So, whether you’re hosting a feast and figuring out perfect pairings or you just want to be a gracious guest and bring some vino to share, you’re probably wondering which red wines deserve a spot on the table this holiday.

We asked wine experts to share their favorite holiday reds, including some you’ve probably never heard of—like a país that pairs beautifully with salmon and veggies. Plus, they’re giving us some tasting notes so you can decide which varietal is the ideal pairing for any get-together.

From adaptable red blends that can jive with pretty much anything on the table to pinot noirs with warm spices, here’s what our experts suggest you bring to holiday parties or serve at your own gatherings this holiday season.