The Most Versatile Backpacks a Man Can Own

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Backpacks will never be rivaled when it comes to functionality. You can load ’em up with groceries, pack them with gym clothes, and even use them for overnighters when you’re traveling for work. If you bike to work, they’re a commuting godsend. If you’re a dad, they free your hands up for little ones. There’s no disputing their utilitarian appeal. But that’s also their pitfall: Versatile backpacks usually lack style.

How many men do you see dressed in a smart suit or handsome wool overcoat with a dumpy, unsophisticated backpack slung over their shoulders? It’s an eyesore. Most options look unprofessional or outdoorsy. No man wants to look like a teenager dragging his feet to school, so upgrade your everyday caryall so it can double as a gym bag and briefcase, but always appear attractive.

We rounded up some of our favorite new versatile backpacks of 2019 that strike the perfect balance between style and functionality. Whether they’re made from coated canvas, smooth leather, or recycled polyester, all make a visual impact. Bonus: They boast tons of pockets and other technical details that make getting from point A to point B with all your gear intact a breeze.

You’ll recognize some big names in travel like Away, standouts in fashion such as Shinola, and some newcomers to the scene including Wandrd.