The Most Stylish Vegan and Genuine Leather Jackets for Men

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Leather jackets complete the holy trinity of men’s fall fashion (don’t miss our boots and denim guides). In the spirit of the season, we’re channeling Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph’s giddiness for “sweata weatha”—if you haven’t seen it, stop what you’re doing and watch their stupidly funny Bronx Beat SNL sketch—and leaning in to “leatha weatha.”

Of all the cold-weather essentials, you’ll definitely drop the most coin on this one—that’s just the nature of purchasing something that could very well last a lifetime.

“Investing in the perfect jacket is right up there with the perfect boots—or even your next car,” jokes New York fashion stylist Seppe Tirabassi. “There’s a whole library of styles and fits out there when it comes to leather outerwear.”

The iconic biker aesthetic (à la Old Hollywood bad boys Brando and Dean) might come to mind, but that’s just the first chapter. From a modern suede blouson that’s impossibly smooth to a vegan-friendly faux-leather puffer, Tirabassi’s curated 10 leather jackets that will last you many seasons to come.