The Echo (and Echo Plus, and Echo Dot) – Amazon Smart Device will talk with you

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The Echo smart device already lunched by Amazon,

That will be really fantastic and talkative device for human.

Amazon Echo is really cheaper, smaller and has a less imposing stature, but is it still the best smart speaker.

What can do by device?

See Below video in detail…

That all device all become as key a home device as a light switch, or a couch, or a microwave use.

The Echos around the house to control Hue lights.

Turn on and control the home theater system, check and change the temperature using my Nest thermostat check news and weather and set kitchen timers.

The new Echo will do everything the old one does: play music via the internet (Spotify, TuneIn or Radioplayer, Amazon Music), tell you the weather, the news or what’s on your calendar, give you information about your commute, answer general knowledge questions, set timers and alarms, control the lights or other smart home devices with generally act as a voice-controlled helper. This Amazon device include With beam-forming technology, noise cancellation and seven microphones, Echo hears you from any direction- even in noisy environments or while playing music in your whole room.

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Echo Dot Device : 

Echo Device : 

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