The actor of “Comedy Classes” – Siddharth Sagar Drugged by parents?

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Comedy class actor Siddhartha Sagar, who has disappeared for several months, has started sharing the story of harassment and dealing with addiction by the family. Siddhartha, famous for his Self-Moshi Act, followed a post with a secret video to share a secret video on Facebook and a press conference.

According to the Indian Express, Siddhartha Sagar told how he left for long after family problems due to sadness and disappointment, he asked for help from his parents. This was when he came to know that he was managing medicines for bipolar disorder, which he did not suffer. He lived with his mother, who had been separated from his father 20 years ago, and his friend Suesh Gadgil.

Siddharth Sagar: When I told my parents about it (feeling depressed and disoriented), they said that they have put me on medicines for bipolar disease. I was shell-shocked when I heard it. I know about bipolar and I didn’t have any of the symptoms and here my parents were giving me drugs by mixing it in my food.

The actor says that this was followed by drug abuse and a traumatic period in a rehabilitation center where he was beaten. Even when he left the place, the incessant quarrels at home forced him to file an NC against his mother and Gadgil.


He Said :“This was also the time I had filed a NC against them for I really feared for my life and well-being. It came true when I was picked up while traveling back from Goa and thrown into a mental asylum where I was tortured and treated for ailments I didn’t even have. But since it was turning out to be an expensive treatment, my mother decided to shift me to Asha Ki Kiran, a rehabilitation centre that did not bother much about finance.

Source: Indian Express

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