Sunny Leoni mother of twins

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Sunny Leoni’s announcement of twins in the internet such a ghadar.

Sunny Leoni has become a mother again and this time her twin children have greedy gossip. Yes, Sunny has given this information through her social media account. Sunny has shared a photo with her family. With whom he also wrote an emotional message.

In this photo, Sunny and her husband Danielle Weber have caught one child in hand and their first daughter Nisha Kaur Weber is sitting in the middle. All three are looking very happy after the arrival of the new guests.

Birth due to surrogacy..
The post which Sunni wrote is believed to have been born through surrogacy. Which had been planned by both of them in June last year. Children were born a few weeks ago. But the photo has just emerged.

Sunny and her husband, Daniel Webber, had last year adopted a girl named Nisha Kaur Weber. On Monday, through the social media, Sunny shared photos with her husband, Daniel and three children, all shocked. But along with this photo Sunny wrote a post and told that two new guests have come in his house. It was planned in June last year and two weeks before the birth of both the children. His name is named Noah and Usher. Sunny wrote that on June 21, 2017, she and her husband had got this information that they would soon be called the mother of three children. Our family is now complete.

You can read this post of Sunny here.

The big thing was that after Sunny’s Instagram post, two lakh people watched in an hour and now its number is five lakhs.

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