Sophia – The Robot with Citizenship ?

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Is that possible to get Citizenship of Robot, in Saudi Arabia?

Earlier in the year, its creator David Hanson told Jimmy Fallon that the bot is “basically alive.”

Saudi Arabia claims to be the first country in the world to give granted citizenship to the Robot.

But already, this kind of decision has garnered Mockery, in social media users as the robot may have more rights than human women in the kingdom.

so the SOFIA Robot is one kind of PR stunt to you may be, Saudi Kingdom was using this eye-grabbing headline to promote and be on headline, but if was not just headline fluff. Experts was saying that the sort of approach to robot rights is actively damaging – both to public understanding of civil society and technology.

The question of whether or not we should be giving robots rights is a big one. First need to know be clear about what is the Sophia and what that robot can do… and how its works in the society and how that will be helpful for the society.

  • Sophia is cleverly built puppet designed
  • Sophia can exploit our cultural expectations
  • Sophia is programmed for any kind of answers
  • Sophia robot have realistic prosthetic head

Some people says, that’s Robot Citizenship are valid and some people says that Citizenship for ROBOT are invalid, whatever is that but that thinking subject.