Some of the Best Gear for Layering Up on the Next Powder Day

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This article originally appeared on and was republished with permission.

While some warm-blooded folk seem to stay warm simply by the pure unadulterated excitement of plowing through chest-deep cold smoke, many of us (myself included) struggle to handle the harsh permeating cold of full-on storm days. If you have no issue walking straight into a snowstorm with little more than a t-shirt and thin layer of Gore-Tex between you and mother nature, then maybe this article is not for you (also, you are my least favorite type of ski partner). But for those of us who are not immune to the wrath of -10 degree wind chill, functional gear can be the ticket to a full day of powder skiing. Here are some of the warmest winter pieces out there for those of us who need to layer up and hunker down in line for first chair.