Real flying Hoverboard for travel on Air

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Flying Hoverboard is real? yes..

A Hoverboard is a one kind of levitating board used for personal transportation on Air.

One man claims to have created a hoverboard, the first working one ever made, that equipment appears to use a jet turbine engine to fly around on Air, its doesn’t seem to need to be attached to anything else, juts fly like a bird on Air. And creator of that hoverboard a claimed that maximum height of 10,000 feet,  and it fly at nearly 100 miles per hour. Hover board creator is Franky Zapata, generally they create the FlyBoard before , which are used flyBoard on the some beach and restaurants and resorts.

Another French company its called Zapata Racing – specialises in hoverboards powered with water, they released the video about the hoverboard on the Water as on Fly, they released in the mid time of the 2016 year.

some peoples says that pic and hoverboard was not real, but Zapata Racing company had released that prototype video and the proved that was real.

That company saying that all ready they are working on the another user rider friendly working on the project. Is this kind of project will success in the future then we can say surly as the Transportation will be on the Air by HoverBoard in the future…!