Rakul Preet Singh goes the vegan way!

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Sometimes, you do something on a whim and then, decide to stick to it for the rest of your life. Rakul Preet Singh would agree. The actress decided to turn vegan suddenly, without any pre-planning or thought but says that it’s one of the best decisions she ever took.

Rakul Preet Singh goes the vegan way!

She says, “I have been a hardcore non-vegetarian all my life. Not that I didn’t like my veggies, but meat was a crucial part of my diet, especially eggs. However, one day, I just decided to turn vegan. It was a sudden decision — something that came from within and not prompted by any trend. Now, I feel lighter and full of energy.”

Given that her profession includes a lot of travelling, how easy is it going to find vegetarian fare everywhere? Rakul replies, “When shooting in Mumbai, I carry vegan shake, fruits, and meals from home. The only trouble is when you are travelling abroad — in many countries, it’s easier to get grilled chicken and fish. But where there is a will, there is a way. If nothing, my team buys any vegetable they can find, and cooks it with some yellow dal and rice, almost like a khichdi. I add vegan ghee to it for taste.”

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