Priyanka Chopra Wear sari without blouse, Indian users commented on it.

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Priyanka Chopra recently published on the cover of the popular international fashion magazine InStyle in Saree.

Wear the traditional attire with a touch to give it a modern touch. This was not good with some of the users who will hit to wear a sari without blouse. In its title, PeeCee called Saree “one of the most iconic silhouettes of India” and mentioned that the suit represents elegance and power.

Sharing the photo of the cover on her Instagram,

Priyanka wrote: “Fashion is such an important part of global culture, as the emergence of centuries of tradition and does not go out of style when the seasons change.”

The “Saree” is one of the most iconic and recognized silhouettes of India. For me, its beauty lies in its versatility, not only in curtains and fabrics. It represents elegance, femininity and power, and I love how I feel when I wear it. I am so proud to wear a sari from @Taruntahiliani on the July cover of @ instylemagazine! Thanks to @ laurabrown99 for being such an amazing creative partner and for sharing some of India’s amazing fashions with the world. #IndianSummer #ProudDesi ”. As soon as she posted the photo, several celebrities stopped commenting on the appearance of the actress. From Nick Jonas, Rhea Kapoor to Esha Gupta and many others, celebrities choked on their hot avatar. However, there are some who were not very convinced of the way in which PeeCee wore the sari.

” It’s deceptive. It’s a saree that can not even be said to be a saree. This is what people of color always have to deal with. Get used to our “diversity card”, but hide what really makes us different by forcing us to fit in a box that is more flavorful for Western tastes. Another ridiculous parody of inclusion. Priyanka’s thinking was smarter than that, “said one of his followers.


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