‘Padman’ Lead Actress Explained

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Sonam Kapoor, who is seen in Padman with Akshay, has made a big deal with Bollywood’s Padman. He says that Akshay Kumar is most fearful of Tinkalal Khanna. Sonam said that I know both of them for a long time and that is my best friend.

Kahani is connected to real life

‘Padman’ is a film based on the life of a person named Arunachalam Muragnamam, Arunachalam made Senator Nepkin at the cheapest price for women and thus took a revolutionary step. Arunachalam was given the Parmashri Award by the Government of India for this work.

Sonam speaks on Periods 

Currently, Sonam is very busy in promoting Padman. During the promotion, when Sonam Kapoor, who is leading a lead role in the movie, was asked on a period of time, Sonam declared her opinion open in the matter. Sonam said that when I was 15, my period started. My period before my friends started. I was depressed, I have not started yet. I told my Parents that there is a problem with me, so I’m not starting. Later on, when I started my period, I was very happy.

Sonam talks about marriage issue

Now Sonam is in the news for her wedding. He told the media about the issue, saying that this organ question should also be made to the mail stars in the industry.

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