Mardaani 2: Here’s why the makers decided to not include any songs in the Rani Mukerji starrer

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Rani Mukerji’s Mardaani 2 has shocked and gripped the nation with its brilliant storyline that is inspired by shocking true crimes against women by juveniles. The edge-of-the-seat thriller will see Rani in a race against time to capture a brutal serial rapist who systematically targets women. Mardaani 2 has definitely sparked a conversation on the threat this poses on young girls across our country.

Mardaani 2: Here's why the makers decided to not include any songs in the Rani Mukerji starrer

Given the powerful messaging of the film, the makers wanted to stay away from doing any and every gimmicky marketing idea. Since the film is looking to affect social change, the makers even scrapped the idea of shooting a promotional music video and also refused to even put a song in the film. The reason – the makers wanted to deliver the message of the film through its story alone and thereby accentuate the viewing experience of the audience by delivering a powerful, adrenaline-pumping thriller without any distractions like songs and music videos. They felt it would be the most authentic and genuine way to communicate about this serious social issue happening in India which everyone should sit up and take notice.

Rani confirms saying, “Mardaani is an entertaining thriller but at its core, it is seeking to give a strong social message on the rise of violent crimes on women that are being committed by juveniles in our country. We wanted to protect the sanctity of our message and not do any marketing gimmicks like shoot a promotional song just to get more conversions and more eyeballs. We felt this would be counter-productive to what we wanted to achieve.”

Rani adds, “When at one hand we are trying to deliver a powerful message, we couldn’t have recorded and shot a music video because that would have diluted the intent of the film. We were okay to not fall into the trap of conventional beliefs and chose to stay away from all such routes of marketing to ensure that we preserve the authenticity of our film. This was of maximum priority for us and I’m glad that we stuck to our beliefs.”

Rani is reprising the role of the fearless and committed Superintendent of Police, Shivani Shivaji Roy in the film. She had delivered a knock-out performance in the superhit and hugely acclaimed prequel, Mardaani, in which she took on the kingpin of a child trafficking racket. Produced by Aditya Chopra, Mardaani 2 will be Rani’s next release after the global blockbuster Hichki that delivered 250 crores worldwide. Mardaani 2 is set to hit theatres on 13th December.

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