Maldives has recognized China, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia as friends

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There is currently a hazard in the Maldives.

Maldives has sent special messengers to China, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia as friends. He has sent these messengers to report the situation of the Maldives. Maldives has not made any contact with India. Meanwhile, the United States has requested the Maldives to resolve the existing dispute. The Maldivian government spokesman from the US said that Maldivian president Abdullah Yamin, the army, the police act according to the law. The Supreme Court’s decision is implemented. The Yemen will ensure Parliament to work properly. With that, people and organizations are also given their rights. China has accused India of being ready to help the army because the Maldives’ condition has worsened.

America say:

– America said, we are standing with the people of the Maldives. President Yama, Army and Police should honor the country. He should also keep in mind the International Human Rights and his comments.

– Meanwhile, UN human rights commissioner Jid Raj Jill Al Hussein said that the imposition of Emergency in the Maldives is ending the rule of the Constitution in the country. This will make the balance worse in the country and will be difficult to maintain democratic values.

– The Organization of Islamic Countries also expressed concerns about spoil of law and order in the Maldives. He also said that every party should obey the law based rule and release judiciary.


After the Maldives Emergency, the Supreme Court had arrested Chief Justice Abdullah Saeed and other Judge Hamid and former President Mumun Abdul Gayoom. Subsequently, the remaining three judges of the Supreme Court had withdrawn the order to release nine opposition leaders after the government’s suspension.



President Yaman is considered close to China

– China has invested heavily in the Maldives infrastructure. After Pakistan, the Maldives is the second country with which the Chinese Free Trade Agreement. This agreement was made in 2017 in both the countries.

– The Yamine government has made a lot of urgency in Parliament to implement this agreement. About which the opposition party and India expressed concern.

– China and President Yemen’s good relations can be estimated that China’s influence in the Maldives is increasing. It is also seen as China’s plan for India’s mortality plan.

– It is noteworthy that Yamin China’s One Beld One Road project has also been endorsed. It wants to connect Asia, Africa and Europe through Chinese ports, railways and sea lanes.


  • The Maldives population is 4.15 lakh, it is located in the south-west of India.
  • Due to its geographical position, the Maldives is very important for India.
  • China is making money for its development. Until 2011, China did not have an Embassy here, but now they want to make a military base here.
  • The President of Yemen is considered close to China. Maldives is now a part of China’s Belt and Road Initiative. The agreement between them has been done.

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