Like the Priya Prakash, these 3 girls also made Internet Sensation in a few minutes

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These 3 girls also made Internet Sensation in a few minutes, same like Priya Prakash


Saima Hussein Mir:

During the promotion of ‘Raeese’ in Pune, Shahrukh took a selfie with his fiance. When this picture was posted on social media, it became more talked about from the film. Seeing it, it became a viral sensation. The girl’s name is Saima Hussein Mir, and she is basically Kashmiri.





On social media such as this vegetable of Nepal, Hashtig became the #Tarkariwali and #Sabjiwali Top Trend. This girl’s name is the Shreshtha. This image was taken when he came to his house during college leave and went to sell vegetables to help his parents.





The whole country knows the whole case of being a viral sensation of this girl. If you do not know, then let us tell you that when the telecom company launched its 4G service, the girl was seen in her advertisement. The company has made so much advertising from TV to the news that at least five people in the day will get visas of this girl. Within a week of the launch of the Kempin, this girl became a sensation. His name is Sasha and it is originally from Dehradun.

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