Jaguar Action movie released In Hindi

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The film begins with a lawyer who suggests to his friend on the phone that he is watching “SS News Channel” to watch a live murder appear. He interrupts the call by saying that he will call after seeing him killed and will turn to that channel when electricity is cut off.
A technician ordered a computer repair that came to fix his computer to check what happened with the power and tells him to turn it on when the lightning flashes and the face of the reformer is shown. The reformer (Nikhil Gouda) then reveals that he was the one who broke into the channel and put this media there, and the lawyer says he is going to die and kill him while passing through the camera drone and finally escape after the defeat of all the security guards.

The next day, ACP (Jagapathi Babu) arrives to resolve the case and calls the case the murderer named Jaguar. The next day, there is a speech ceremony delivered by Aria, the best SS medical college actress, who is chosen as a student leader promises that there will be problems in college from now on and continue to receive the first years.

One of the first years becomes Krishna (Nikhil Goda) or “Krishna SS” as he likes to call himself, and staged a drama that says excitement is essential for the college to bridge the gap between the senior and the young and provides a platform for young people to showcase their talents that the rest of the early years agree.

Krishna then walks towards Arria and tells him to go after his sister Priya (Deppi Sati) which will fall in love with him, so a friend of Arya, who apparently in love with Priya, is angry and about to attack Krishna when Arria prevents him from saying that His sister is not innocent. The next day, Krishna follows Priya and gets a pizza and suggests to her boyfriend what angers Priya and tells her that she knows his techniques and she will not fall in love with him.

Krishna then weeps and leaves the place while the other girls tell Priya to apologize. The next day, Krishna makes fun of Priya in the chapter and also mocks Arria.

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