How to save your skin from Holi’s color, this way your skin will remain safe

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Holi’s stubborn color, skin will be safe from these easy remedies.

Quick Ways :

  • Before playing Holi, apply moisturizers or oils on the face.
  • Wash hair with vinegar and amla to remove hair from the hair.
  • Besan and lemon is also the natural way of reducing color.

You know about Holi, without colors, it is incomplete. Holi likes to play Holi with some dry colors, so prefer to play Holi with water or natural colors. There are also some people who play Holi with chemical and rasaanayak colors. It is very difficult to get rid of these colors. The most difficult thing to do after Holi is to rescue the colors. To avoid this problem, you should use such colors that do not harm your skin. If someone forces you to take such a deep and stubborn color, do not be disturbed if you are not able to withstand the common remedies. These colors can also be easily redeemed by a few easy steps.

Do not paint until long :
If you want your skin to glow after Holi, then you should not let the colors remain on the skin for long, but keep removing the colors in between.

Do not let the hair stay on the hair:
It is usually less likely that the color does not color on the hair on the holi. But there is no tension in it, you should keep drying the dry colors on your hair. After this, gradually remove the colors from hair with cotton or some soft cloth.

Use curd:
You should use curd on the skin to remove color. Massage the curd with light hands on those parts where the color is applied to your skin. Gradually your color will start to soften and keep in mind that during this time the skin does not rub very much.

Gramflour and lemon is also important:
If the color is very deep then you can also use gram flour and lemon. For this, you have to make a lemon and gram flour. You can also add curd in it. Put the coating on the painted parts and remove the color with light hands.

Wash with vinegar-amla hair:
If you want your hair not to be harmful to the colors of Holi, then you should wash the head with the water of the gooseberry in the water at night. But before that you will have to massage the oil in the night and after the Holi, wash your head with shampoo while reducing the color, then mix the vinegar in the water of the gooseberry and then wash the hair. Your hair will be as bright as before.

Must also have moisturizer:
If the color is not light on your skin and burning is also occurring, do not use soap etc., but clean the skin thoroughly with the dough and then wash it with water and add moisturizers to the skin. This will make your skin soft and there will be no irritation. Do not use sharp objects to redeem Holi colors. If any type of color is allergic, then consult the doctor.

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