How to Offset Your Carbon Footprint This Giving Tuesday

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This Giving Tuesday, a nonprofit has a unique proposition to personalize the fight against climate change: Climate Neutral wants you to offset your carbon footprint.

The company has created a certification process to help outdoor manufacturers accurately measure and ultimately offset their carbon footprints (to zero, ideally). Companies that do so are given a carbon-neutral label that consumers will be drawn to when shopping.

As the organization states, “The Climate Neutral label empowers customers to choose brands who do the right thing.” And now, Climate Neutral is enabling consumers to take matters into their own hands.

You can back this new, crowd-funded project and pledge $100 to offset your own carbon footprint for one year. This donation will buy you 24 tons of CO2e offsets (which is the average footprint for Americans), and it includes a $20 donation to support Climate Neutral. Or, you can simply pledge $5 or more to help the movement. Every little bit helps. It doesn’t take a whole lot to start a movement—and with a little momentum, the idea is that the initiative enacts real change in terms of individual responsibility for carbon output.

Can This Carbon Neutral Label Save the Planet?

Visit the Climate Neutral website for more information about the organization and their noble goals. And check out their Kickstarter to pledge whatever amount of money you can afford. Amid all the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping and travel, this is one pledge you’ll be thankful you made (future generations will, too).