Here Are the Incredible Locations Where Christopher Nolan’s ‘Tenet’ Filmed

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Christopher Nolan is back. The latest film from the director is Tenet, an action epic set in the world of international espionage. Plot details have been kept mostly under wraps, but the first trailer revealed that actors John David Washington (Denzel’s son) and Robert Pattinson (the next Batman) are playing operatives who are tasked with stopping “something worse” than a nuclear holocaust to “prevent World War III.”

Like his other films—Inception, Interstellar, The Dark Knight trilogy, and DunkirkTenet was filmed across the world in some incredible locations.

There’s a shroud of mystery surrounding Tenet, but we do know Nolan thinks it’s his “most ambitious” movie yet. We also know that he shot the movie in “seven countries, all over the place, with a massive cast and huge set pieces,” as he told Entertainment Weekly when the first trailer was released.

Here’s a look at the trailer, where you can see some of those amazing locations:

Tenet will be released on July 17, 2020.

Here’s a look at some of the places Nolan went for his new thriller.