De De Pyaar De review: New comedy-watch for a new story, and laugh without mind

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In the movie De De Pyaar De, the trio of Tabu, Ajay Devgan and Rakulpreet have done the same thing which they were hoping for. People on Twitter have started giving De De Pyaar De Review.

Ajay Devgan, Tabu and Rakul Preet starring Late Ranjan and Director Akew Ali’s De De Pyaar De are now released. The story of the film can only be estimated from the trailer.

Ajay Devgan (Ashish) is a London businessman and he meets Rakul Preet (Ayesha), who is of the age of his daughter but falls in love with each other. The matter reaches the marriage, and in the meantime, Asha, who has been separated from his family and wife many years ago, takes Ayesha to meet his family. When he comes to India, he learns what his family thinks of him and when Ajay’s daughter is talking about marriage, then they think that they have left their responsibilities. But all this is shown with comedy.

As the son of Ashish (Ajay) seems to be kissing the line on his new mother, ie Ayesha. The Generation Gap has been shown very well in this film.

However, this is a comedy film, but many twists also come in the movie and there are some emotional scenes. Ashish’s wife i.e. Tabu handles the family of his children and Ashish.

In the film, Jimmy Shergill and Javed Jafri have got less screen space, but they are also very good characters. Apart from this, Alok Nath’s comic timing is different. Madhumalti Kapoor is also showing good comic timing in the role of Ajay Devgan’s mother.

The film is of Love Ranjan, you can see the objectives of women in it, the only difference is that there are no men in it, but two women themselves are insulting each other and are stigma about their appearance, age and relationships. That’s the only major drawback that clearly shows in this film. All earlier films of Love Ranjan seem to be making women happy, they should not be expected more than that.

This movie can be a well-earned movie, but its release has happened at the wrong time. The last phase of the 2019 Lok Sabha election and the exit polls are on this weekend. Due to the second Ramadan, it can also get fewer audiences. But even then De De Pyaar De Box Office Collection can come to fit movie experts.

However, the chemistry of comedy doos and three lead artists is very good and will force them to laugh and jump from many punch seats in the film. There are also very good reviews on social media about ‘De give love give’.

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