Cosmetic surgery can be lethal, it occurs side effects

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There is a craze for cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery worldwide including India. Especially people with glamor world have different types of surgery. So that they look better than before or that age does not appear on their body and their name glows in glamorous world. Pope singer Michael Jackson is also said to have done more than 100 surgeries to get a good look. Sridevi also had 29 surgeries. Diet pills and anti-aging medication were taken after being compromised at one. However, cosmetic surgery is often a risk to our body. Cosmetic surgery also has some side effects. Today we are talking about what cosmetic surgery is, why it is done, how many types of it and its side effects are.

Why are cosmetic surgery?

The purpose behind cosmetic surgery is to make the person look young. Besides, a large amount of damage has happened in any part of the body, including accidents, accidents or any other way, as well as re-structural surgery, cosmetic surgery, to remove the congenital problem. Earlier it was also called plastic surgery.

How Many Types Are Cosmetic Surgery?

There are many types of cosmetic surgery, such as botox, blepharoplasty, breast organation, breast lift, breast reduction, breast implant replacement-removal, brow lift, botok agnation, buttock lift, chemical pills, dermabrasion, endoscopy, face lift, face implant, injectable Fillers, Radiesis, Restiston, Juvedram, Endermology, Thermage, Scalarotherapy, Forhead Lift, R Mice lift, gynecocytia (mel breast tissue) reduction, heare replacement, intense pulse light treatment, laser heur removal, laser vein treatment, laser skin reserasing, labioplasty, liposuction, mantoplasty, chin reduction, microdermabrasion, nac lift, autoplasty, renoplasty, radidectomy (Face Surgery), Thipplasty, Thread Lift, Tummy Tuck The third is made.

How Side Effects Affect Cosmetic Surgery:

Damage to organs:
Surgery can damage organs. Liposuction can prove to be dangerous for internal organs. When surgical investigations come in contact with internal organs, internal holes can occur. To recover these injuries, more surgery can be needed and the hole may also be lethal.

Reduce blood:
Usually, if any surgery is performed, the blood in the body decreases. But sometimes blood loss can lead to serious problems such as blood pressure. Sometimes blood loss occurs on the operation table, but sometimes it is also possible that blood loss happens even after surgery. Which proves to be harmful.

Hematoma is a problem of blood clotting, which occurs during the surgery. Which is mostly in the process of 1-6% of breast anesthesia and is thought to be one of the most common problems after facelift. The risk of hematomy is present throughout every surgery, sometimes it has to be operated to remove excess blood.

Nerve Damage:
There is a possibility of mechanical error (nerve damage) in various surgical procedures. After plastic surgery, usually numbers and tingling occur, and it may also be a sign of nerve damage. After the process of breast audition, women experience changes in sensitivity and 15% of them lose nipple sensation permanently.

The problem of infection after cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery remains. 2.4% of skin infections were found after breast surgery. Sometimes the infection is internal and it needs IV antibiotics.

More Side Effect Through Cosmetic Surgery:
Side effects such as allergic reaction, cardiac arrest, flash flood, death, accessive blooding, internal bleeding, tissue damage, tissue damage, pneumonia, other surgery requirements, internal organ damage, paralysis.

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