BTS makes history with ‘Butter’ music video, registers 108.2 million views on YouTube in 24 hours 

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It’s BTS vs BTS, only! The Grammy-nominated group has once again broken a huge record and not just any record – their previous YouTube record. After series of teasers and concept clips, the seven-piece act dropped their new single ‘Butter’ which is clearly the summer bop of the year. Well, the song has registered a new 24-hour record on YouTube once again making it clear – no one does it like BTS.

BTS makes history with 'Butter' music video, registers on YouTube in 24 hours 

YouTube has confirmed that BTS’ ‘Butter‘ “has set a new all time 24-hour record of 108.2 million views, surpassing their own 101.1 million view record for ‘Dynamite‘ in the first 24 hours. The band now holds the No. 1 and No. 2 record spots on YouTube’s All-Time Top 24 Hour Music Debuts.”

BTS’ ‘Butter‘ now holds 4 records – biggest 24-hour debut on YouTube, biggest music video premiere, biggest debut on Spotify global with 11.042 million streams, and largest single-day streams in Spotify history with 20.9 million streams.

‘Butter’ is a dance-pop track that easily becomes listeners’ favorite earworm, with its distinctive baseline and crisp synth sounds.

‘Butter’ official music video has set a new all-time record for the biggest YouTube music video premiere with over 3.9 million peak concurrents. With ‘Dynamite’ in August 2020, the music video earned the group over 3 million peak concurrents. They now hold the No. 1 and No. 2 spots for the biggest YouTube Premieres to date.

It’s been than a year since BTS released their first-ever English single ‘Dynamite’ which propelled them to No. 1 at Billboard Hot 100 and earned their first Grammy nomination in the Top Duo/Group category. Now, with the new dance-pop track, BTS surpassed their retro-theme disco track’s YouTube record. It’s BTS vs BTS only.

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