All the Travel-Worthy Locations Where ‘The Batman’ Is Filming

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When Matt Reeves’ The Batman hits the big screen in May 2021, the iconic Gotham City will likely look a bit different than we’ve previously seen

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Director Christopher Nolan used combinations of Chicago, Pittsburgh, and New York City for his Dark Knight trilogy with Christian Bale, while Tim Burton and Zack Snyder each had more stylized versions of Gotham. But this time around, it appears that Reeves is going for a more comic book-accurate look at Gotham, using the historical architecture of Europe to make it happen.

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Filming is already underway in London and will continue through this year, with the movie hitting theaters in 2021. There likely will be more locations added as filming continues, but for now, Reeves’ home base for the production is taking place in England.

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Here’s a look at where The Batman is filming—and guides to all the great stuff you can do if you visit those spots.

London, England

Reeves and the Batman crew have kicked off filming in London, with many eagle-eyed fans snapping photos and videos. One fan noticed a bunch of “Gotham City” cops and “Gotham News” vans alongside the River Thames as the crew was working. 

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Somerset House, London

Reeves and some of the cast were spotted shooting scenes near Somerset House. The location is listed as one of the official spots on IMDB where The Batman is filming. 

Somerset House is located in central London, right near the River Thames, and construction on the building dates back to the late 1700s. The east and west extensions were added in 1831 and 1856, and the location is now open to the public. It holds numerous events, art exhibitions, and seminars; it also has five cafes and restaurants. Many other films have shot here, including Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey, Jr.; James Bond flicks Golden Eye and Tomorrow Never Dies; as well as the Gerard Butler action film London Has Fallen.

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Two Temple Place, London

One of the other officially listed IMDB locations for The Batman in London is the Two Temple Place gallery building. The Victorian mansion was built by William Waldorf Astor on the Embankment in London back in 1895, and today it’s open to the public during special art exhibitions and events. Check here for a full schedule of events.

Two Temple Place / Courtesy Image

Glasgow, Scotland

Following work in London, Reeves and crew are heading to Glasgow, Scotland, for another major chunk of filming, according to the Daily Record. The report says that Glasgow will be a main backdrop for Gotham City and may give fans a first look at the new Batmobile.

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