Aaron Paul on Bourbon, Salmon, and Why He Loves Traveling to Telluride

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Aaron Paul is ready for a big 2020. After reprising his iconic role as Jesse Pinkman in El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, the Men’s Journal’s January/February cover star will be appearing on Westworld Season 3 in a key role. On top of that, Paul is continuing to work with fellow Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston on Dos Hombres mezcal, which the duo launched last year.

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“We went out to Oaxaca a bunch of times, and we were on the search for the best mezcal we ever tasted,” Paul told Men’s Journal. “Three hours outside Oaxaca, two hours on a highway, and an hour on the bumpiest road I’ve ever been, and we found it.”

While mezcal is obviously one of Paul’s favorite spirits, the actor revealed he’s a fan of some other libations as well. He sat down with Men’s Journal to talk about his go-to drinks, his absolute favorite place to travel, and more.

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On his favorite gear: “A snowboard—is that gear? Yeah, I like my board.”

On his favorite travel spot: “I go to Telluride every year for my anniversary. It’s just one of the greatest, most picturesque little towns on the planet.”

On his favorite meal to make: “I love salmon. It’s super easy. Or pasta and wine.”

On his favorite drink: “Mezcal, bourbon neat, or just a good IPA. I like to drink [laughs].”

On the best advice he’s received: “The first piece of advice I was given when I moved to L.A.: This commercial actor I recognized, I was 17 years old, and he just said: ‘No matter what you’re doing, just remember the strong will survive.’ I never forgot that.”

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