A Shark Left 2 Teeth Behind After Biting This Kayaker’s Boat

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When friends Danny McDaniel and Jon Chambers set out for some kayaking last weekend off the coast of California, the last thing they expected was encountering a shark. The duo were paddling near Santa Catalina Island when McDaniel felt a shake on the back of his kayak.

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McDaniel didn’t think it was a shark at first, and when he looked back to see what happened, he was stunned to see the shark, according to For The Win Outdoors.

“My very first thought was that my buddy, who was 25 feet behind me to my left, was messing with me,” McDaniel told FTW. “But then I looked down and saw this giant snout completely over the kayak, and then I saw its huge body stretching beyond the bow.”

The shark appeared to be about 20-feet long, and while it did bite down on the kayak and leave behind some teeth in the process, the shark didn’t lunge at McDaniel’s body. After paddling back to their dive group, McDaniel noticed that the shark lost two teeth in his kayak. For photos of the teeth, check them out on For The Win Outdoors.

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“I remember [my friend] saying, ‘Oh crap. Oh crap,’” McDaniel said. “My primary thought, meanwhile, was to stay on the kayak no matter what.”

The friends are experienced scuba divers and were on a trip with a group organized by Power Scuba, according to NBC San Diego.

“He was in attack mode. He thought we were prey,” said Chambers. “It was petrifying and amazing at the same time.”

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