5 holy lakes of Hinduism

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Even today there are many signs of antiquity, which are believed to be related to goddess-gods or sages-monis.

5 lakes of Hindu religion, 1 bath will be blessed

Today we are showing you the same 5th floor, which is very important in religious terms. It is said that by taking this lake it is said that bathing in today definitely results in salvation of man.


1. Narayan Sarovar:

This is a sacred lake of Hindu sacred pilgrimages. This lake is situated in Lakhpat taluka of Kutch district of Gujarat state. Its distance from Bhuj is 210 km. Is there. The ancient temple of Koteswara Mahadev is situated near this lake. This lake is mentioned in Srimad Bhagwat of India. Narayan Sarovar means Lord Vishnu lake! According to the information recorded in ancient texts, Lord Vishnu has created this lake by bringing water from Gangotri. According to the mythology, water was transported from the thumb of God Narayan’s right foot. Narayan Sarovar was constructed by this holy water. There are notes in history that many ascents have copied here.


2. Pampa Lake:

This lake is situated near Hampi in Koppal district in the state of Karnataka. This lake is situated on the southern side of Tungabhadra river. Lord Shiva’s Ardhanji Pampa (Parvati) made a pious day on this bank to show his dedication to Shiva. This lake is also mentioned in the Ramayana. Shabari waits for Ram’s arrival only on the banks of Pamba Lake. In the Ramayana, Pampa Lake is mentioned as a place. Shabari, a disciple of Matang Rishi, suggested the south to find south-facing Sita’s mother. Valmiki Ramayana has been described very beautifully in this wonderful event. Lord Shri Rama rested this lake along with his brother Laxman on the lake. Mythological places like Kishandh, Shree Shimuk and Crystal Sheila are located near this lake.

3. Manas Sarovar:

This lake situated in Tibet is situated at an elevation of 4556 meters above sea level. This lake is circular in shape and its circumference is 88 km, depth is 90 meters, and area 320 sq. Km. In the winter season, the water of the lake gets frozen and the water melts in the spring. Sutlej, Brahmaputra, Indus and Karnali rivers flow from around the lake. Manas Sarovar, like Kailash Mountain, is a holy pilgrimage center. Pilgrims bath here in Manas Sarovar and come here. According to Hindu belief, this lake was in the mind of Brahma, hence it is called Manas Sarovar. This lake is sacred and peaceful, crossing the Himalayas and in the very cold part of Tibet. There are two lakes: one is called a lion monster where Ravana had been standing by God Shankar’s penance while standing. The second lake is called Manas Sarovar. Hans birds are especially found in Manas Lake.

4. Point(Bindu) lake: 

When Maharishi Kapil left his mother, mother Devhuti began his experiment. Mother Devhuti stayed in the ashram in solitary place near Bindu Sarovar and worshiped the mind with parmatmaam. He has realized the Paramatma with tapa sadhana and got life-saving, the holy place ie Siddhapada-Sidhpur The memories of the Sidhpur region, the Saraswati river and the Bindu lake, which are located in Gujarat, only refresh the grand event of the past. Kartak, Chaitra and Bhartravara months are considered holy months for Mother Quartan, as mentioned in the scriptures of India. So many people from all over India visit Kapil Ashram near Bindu Sarovar. People get liberation from Vitghan Brahmins with Vedakta mantra, and they get liberation from Matrodhan by Bindu Sarovar. In the Vedic period, Mahishi Kapil and Lord Parasurama had pelted them here to get rid of their mother’s debt. Tradition that continues from Vedas is still continuing with Bindu Sarovar.


5. Pushkar Lake:

Pushkar is a famous pilgrimage place in Rajasthan. It is located in Ajmer district of Rajasthan. It is 14 km from Ajmer city Is located at a distance. Here is a temple of Brahma. Brahma, the creator of the universe, lives here continuously. Parmark Lake is also mentioned in the Valmiki Ramayana. According to the mythological tradition, Brahma founded Pushkar. Here he also constructed a lake called Puskar Lake. Peace can be realized by bathing in this holy lake. This lake has a huge temple of Brahma. Apart from this, Badrinarayan, Varah, along with Shree Rang Temples, the temple of Kapaleshwar Mahadev is the main temples of Ahin.

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